Monday, February 14, 2011

Hilary Brace drawings

Untitled #14-03, 2003.  Charcoal on mylar.  4.2' x 4.8'.

Untitled (#April 08), 2008.  Charcoal on polyester film.  6' x 11.625'.
Hilary Brace's small drawings are infinitely evocative.  They're made through a process of reductive erasure.

A deluge, c. 1517-1518.  Black chalk.
I'm reminded of Leonardo da Vinci's deluge drawings...

Shade and Darkness - the Evening of the Deluge, 1843. well as Joseph Mallord William Turner's paintings, a few of which were of the deluge.

I'm also reminded of Vija Celmins' water drawings and prints.

More info on Hilary Brace at above websites.