Monday, February 7, 2011

Facebook Posts, 01/28/2010 - 01/31/2010

John Trudell
Bernard Stiegler
Rush Limbaugh
I'm crazy too ... but in this madness, it makes perfect sense.

Somewhat interesting philosophical analysis, and it can be related to biopolitical concerns. I'm not a fan of either various ideologies of participation or the fuckin' multitude or the propertizing logic of the commons, although the trend seems toward speculative policies for the "composition" of different politico-economic modalities, thus a more subterranean, superlative, as well as superficial Capital.

Social media away fuckers ... haha.

An oldie but a goodie ...

Hate to promote mainstream news or fucktard Limbaugh. I don't know why people would be surprised by his racism, since many Americans have conveniently brainwashed themselves that somehow we've gone beyond it. Whatever works I guess ... ///.

Independent thinking at its American best ... ///.

J. Krisnamurti
Shepard Fairey
Damien Hirst
Ron Mueck
Something to ponder on this day ...

I have no problems with Banksy being a con artist. But I do have problems with Shepard Fairey being legit as it were ... although he can't be anything other. The fucker would've lined up to be the People's Commissar for Education and Culture if he could go back in time, or forward. Talk about major progressive reification!!!

I remember seeing the entire show with these mutual blowhards when it first aired, and almost cringing the entire time.

Inquiring minds may want to know why some obviously uninformed sociopath would chide the philanthropy of artist geniuses. Simply, even if ya forget about the civilizational discipline undergirding the philanthropic police, why pollute life and the earth any more with your self-confessed masterpieces?!? Put that with formaldehyde ... or encrust it with diamonds!

And btw, Jasper Johns sucks ... case closed! hahaha

Must be seen up close and personal. Uncanny. Lesli and I first encountered Ron Mueck's art at the National Gallery, London in 2003.

Bracha Ettinger
Michio Kaku
Manuel Castells
One of my favorite contemporary theorists. Check out the full lecture!

I do have some misgivings about a certain supra-incorporating logic of the matrixial sphere, that is, whether the web of trans-subjective interstices and the transformations therein do become a sort of grid after all, a patterning, thus a certain forgetting of forgetting. Lacan's lack, itself problematic, does seem more prudent when it comes to the relation of trauma, the Real, and fantasy ... that is, irrevocable psychic loss as well as its power dimensions have more ethical ramifications than ethics proper.

I'm sure Starbucks cups are religiously recycled in some parallel universe, and we'll make sure that they are in the multiverse(s). Ya see, rather than some soap bubble or some funnel to explain the Big Bang, it'll be better to use the metaphor of a cappuccino or a latte, because the white matter at the end is needed to tame thus improve the black matter at the beginning. Human-all-too-human froth on top please.

For all the spatializing that happens in theoretical physics, where is "time" in all the math 'n' proofs, not as some unit of measure or even some process, not its asymmetry, not variability in time, but time as variability itself? Perhaps we can't get away from the nostalgia of a senile but stubborn omnipresent and omniscient gaze.

Manuel Castells' positing of "just globalization" vis-a-vis network society presupposes that socio-political struggles aided and abetted by technological innovation like the internet can somehow bypass the the logic of the crisis of Capital, that it very much creates new needs and desires itself, new producers and consumers to suspend its collapse, a certain differance of its ontico-ontological speculations.

The determinist effect mistakes itself for the nominalist cause. But oh well, it's easy to forget when there's been a certain eternalization of Capital. But I'm sure there'll be a lot of bartering between laissez-faire capitalism and some sort of cooperative capitalism. Only a bourgeois mentality would think of cost-effective reciprocity. Potlatches not allowed.

The Court Jester
Francoise Hardy
John Zerzan
Navajo Power Plant
Three's Company
Donna Haraway
Sun Ra
Bruce Lee
Pierre Clastres
There's more poetry in a cockroach's scurrying to hide when the lights are turned on than in some paranoid pandering to the lowest common denominator, the revulsion of human species degeneration and death.

In the transhumanist master-slave dialectic, it's adequate that the conquistador-missionary prophesizes his own proletarianization and the concomitant fantasies of being his own boss with the elimination of the savages, this hindrance to his singularity. Productivity and capital gains at all costs!

The so-called "perpetual present" is nice enough. It's better than the escape fantasies that eternalize certain conditions of this fucked up perpetual present and graft that determination onto so-called human evolution.

Sheer brilliance!!!

My favorite chanteuse! I'll post one of her songs every week.

If possible, check out the entire talk. Here, Zerzan continues after quoting Chomsky's critique of anarcho-primitivism as "a call for the genocide of billions of people." Well, Chomsky's has invested in the manufacturing of the "new society" as long as Universal Grammar's been around it seems, so he can't just divest civilizational and civic Progress.

How else can the securities of socialist revolution-in-permanence avoid a certain DIY decivilizational default?

The horror! The horror! ... This summation and judgment does still rely on a certain delusional noblesse oblige. Gotta somehow protect the various good works developments thus investments, domestic and foreign. As if competitors aren't bad enough, there's always those annoying few who can't be bought out, that is, buy in. Intimidation and slander aren't unlikely.

The vicious circle vs. the Sacred Hoop.

Funny shit! Watch for Mr. Roper's smile aside at 4:48.

Haraway is always compelling... Compare and contrast with trans- or posthumanist "civic virtue." Transhumanist ethics takes itself a bit too seriously especially when transhumanism is another tacky cult of Man dressed up like the new media magnate and entrepreneur with his equally hegemonic social conscience, this absolute alienation. Social vision in its essentializing narrative perfection.

Followup discussion of earlier post. I like her phrase "troping is tripping" ))).

‎... "I do not come to you as a reality. I come to you as the myth." ...

One of my most favorite movie scenes. Genius!

Not enough out there on Clastres and his theories, but this video does tersely outline what's articulated in his work 'Archeology of Violence.' There, he opposes the State that unifies with primitive war that separates to preserve societal autonomy and to resist the creation of a separate power of political domination in the first place.

It's a difficult but very important problematic, and it's not elided by hasty conclusions, be it for armed resistance or pacifism. It serves as a compass, however disturbing may be the destinations. After all, if peace-keeping globalization is predicated upon the "state of exception," it would be just as incorrect to pose that the "Multitude" doesn't want to be exploited in the Empire's wars as it would be to pose that the "Empire" doesn't want to be developed in the Multitude's struggles.