Monday, March 14, 2011

Josef Koudelka, introduction book

You might want to get this forthcoming nice little book introduction to Josef Koudelka's photography (Torst, 2011), a reprinting of a previous edition 2002.

I first learned of Koudelka about 10 years ago, through my interest in his photographs of gypsies, for which perhaps he's most well-known.  The book collection (Aperture, 1975), reprinted 1992, is now somewhat hard to get, especially in fine condition. 

His photographs of the Soviet/Warsaw Pact invasion of Prague in 1968, which ended Prague Spring, are also highly regarded.  The book form (Aperture, 2008) is now out of print, as are other editions, and the original Czech edition Invaze 68 (Torst, 2008).  Prague, 1968 (Centre National de la Photographie/Photo Notes, 1990), reprinted 1999 is available. 

Another outstanding collection, Exiles (Aperture, 1988) is also out of print, last reprinted by Aperture 1997.

I would get his latest major collection, Chaos (Phaidon, 1999), reprinted 2005 and 2008.

Youtube video of some of Koudelka's works.

Many of his photographs on view at Magnum's website.

Partial list of other books:
in print:
Koudelka.Piedmont (Thames & Hudson, 2009), reprinted (Contrasto 2010)
Koudelka (Thames & Hudson, 2006)
Josef Koudelka (Thames & Hudson/Photofile, 2007)
out of print:
Animal (Trois Cailloux, 1990)
Black Triangle (Sprava Prazskeho, 1994)
Periplanissis (Thessaloniki Filmfestival, 1995)
Joseph Koudelka no15 (Actes Sud, 1997)
Reconnaissance Wales (Ffotogallery, 1998)
Limestone (Editions de la Martiniere, 2001)
En Chantier: Une Universite et une Quartier: Paris 13e Massena (Textuel, 2002)
Theatre du Temps (Actes Sud, 2003)
Camargue (Actes Sud, 2006)
I Grandi Fotografi (Gruppo Editoriale Fabbri, 1983)
Josef Koudelka (Centre National de la Photographie, 1978, 1984)
in Portrait of a Film: White Nights (Abrams, 1985)
Josef Koudelka (Editions de la Difference, 1989)
L'Epreuve Totalitaire (Delphire, 2004)
Koudelka (Delphire, 2006)
Koudelka (Edition Graus Gmbh, 2006)
Koudelka (Aperture, 2007)
Josef Koudelka: Retrospektif/Retrospective (Suna and Inan Kirac Foundation, Pera Museum, 2008)
A few other books listed at Magnum's website, but I didn't locate their availability online.